If you came to this site looking for something to help you study for the AP US History exam, you came to the right place! But you’re a little early. Over the coming weeks/months, I’ll be posting a bunch of fun study questions to test your knowledge of AP US History. Ok, the questions won’t be fun, but hey at least it’ll be a break from reading whatever history book is currently boring you to tears.

This site’s purpose is to help you study for the AP US History exam… in other words, you should be doing other stuff, too. Like reading. And doing flash cards. And writing practice essays. And whatever else helps you to learn. Do NOT use APUSH5.com as your only tool for prepping for the exam! If you do this, you’ll probably fail. Once again, this is just a study aid.

So… patience, young paduwon. Questions and other nonsense will be forthcoming!