The Coercive Acts (or Intolerable Acts) of 1774 were passed by British government in response to what event?

a. The Boston Massacre
b. The Boston Tea Party
c. The ratification of The Declaration of Independence
d. The formation of The Sons of Liberty
e. King George III’s rejection of The Olive Branch Petition

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b. The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party really ticked off the British so they came up with The Coercive Acts, a.k.a. The Intolerable Acts, in retaliation. These acts included:

  • The Massachusetts Government Act which put Massachusetts under direct British control
  • The Administration of Justice Act which allowed the British to conduct criminal trials in England instead of Massachusetts
  • The Boston Port Act which closed the port of Boston to trade
  • The Quartering Act which required Bostonians to let British troops live in their houses
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